Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Pick a top tier (for entertainment purposes only)

Characters that I do not want to face in KI on Saturday:

Shadow Jago - man, fuck this guy. Good fireball game, teleports, Zero's (MvC3) pizza cutter. I don't think I have ever beaten this character.

Maya - season 2 character that I have fought very, very few times. She has Sadira's mobility but actually does damage.

Glacius - runaway Glacius is super effective, at least against Thunder. I can spend three quarters of a match chasing him, blocking his long range attacks, then miss one and eat 75% from a single combo.

There is a theme here: characters that can keep me away and still do damage. Omen could be added to the list but it seems that Omen players have dropped him for Shadow Jago. This is not me making excuses (or maybe it is) but they just feel like bad matchups for Thunder. Let's take a look at the Event Hubs tiers listing...

Well, what do you know, I am pretty close. Keeping in mind that tier listings are not actually very useful, Thunders worst matchup is Fulgore at a 4.2. Next is Maya, points for me, at 4.3. Omen is a 4.9 and my other picks are listed as even. They have Spinal listed as the best character, matchups wise, with one unfavorable match: Cinder.

Thunder is third from the bottom. So what do they know. Tier lists are for entertainment purposes only, right?

It should be noted that the KI tiers are pretty compressed. There is no one character that outright dominates another. Some notable bull shit matchups of the past include O. Sagat vs O. Zangief from Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo at a 7.9 and Evil Ryu vs Dan in Ultra SFIV at a 6.8. That is some unwinnable shit.

...I forgot Blanka vs T Hawk. That is a historically bad match for T Hawk. 7.2 on Event Hubs. I think it may be even worse than that.

I supposed I should explain what these number mean. That 7.2 means that, on average, Blanka should win 7.2 matches out of 10, assuming impossible things like equal skill and character knowledge on the part of both players. Like I said, for entertainment purposes only. What it can do, if nothing else, if give an idea of how well balanced the characters are by adding up all of the numbers of all of the matchups and comparing character's totals.

KI's top is Spinal with 114.2 and the bottom is Glacius (really?!) with 105.8. For a game with 23 characters that is a tiny range. Ultra Street Fighter IV starts at 237 with Yun and ends with 193.6 with Hugo (excluding Dan, because Dan is a joke character). That is also really good for a game with that large of a cast. Not all of the characters are tournament viable but they can at least be played at a competent level for fun.

MKX is incredibly tight, which I find very surprising.

You want a bad one? Super Street Fighter 2 runs, from O. Sagat to O. Cammy, 200.4 to 119.7. Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike is worse, topping out with Yun at 118.9 and bottoming out at Sean with 61.8. Pick a top tier in those games.

Honestly, avoid my mistakes and always pick a top tier.

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