Wednesday, June 1, 2016

A short recap

I don't know if I am up to giving a blow by agonizing blow recap of my Combo Breaker performance. The only game  I wasn't thoroughly embarrassed in was Ultra Street Fighter 4 and I still went 0-2. At least I forced my second match to play his main after stomping his simple minded boxer. At one point in time that was a counter pick but in the game dying moments the only real counter picks are matches that the other person is not familiar with.

Which he did, lucky for him, when he pulled out Rolento. Still took it to the last hit of the last round of the last match. Playing Ultra made me happy, something that I cannot say for SFV ever and rarely happens in KI. It brought me great joy to whiff an lp roll into a throw and have my opponent slump into his chair out of frustration and embarrassment. That little bit of nonsense on top of crossover hop throws have existed since 2009.

Shenanigans never go out of style.

I was out classed in KI, though I would like to make excuses that I had uphill battles against a Glacius and a Sadira with Thunder. Thunder needs to get close and it's tough to do that against characters with long range attacks or double jumps. But that is just an excuse - the truth of it is that I am still playing the game the same way I did in Season 1 and everyone (but me) has learned to break auto doubles on reaction. Without any manuals in my arsenal when I did manage to get close I just got my ass broken and tossed across the screen.

And SFV? We aren't going to talk about that one at all. I lost those matches before I even sat down. 

But I made it to loser's semis in the mystery game tournament which is further than I had ever gotten in anything before. I was one errant missile launcher shot from going further. That's just how it is when playing really old, really bad games: it is equal parts luck, quick learning and having played enough other games to have a basic understanding of just about anything.

So I am indeed too old for most of that shit. And being too old for most of that shit was actually a boon in the mystery tournament. I mean, who else can you think of that remembers Bad Mister Frosty's moves from Clayfighter?

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