Monday, June 6, 2016

It hurts

Lichdom Battlemage honestly hurts my hands to play. The constant jockeying of the right trigger combined with the fear of dying and losing progress in a game I already do not like creates an unhealthy death drip on the poor controller. I am squeezing that bastard for all I am worth and my right index finger is paying the price.

...or I may have hurt my hand on a series of two finger pockets at the gym on Friday, but that isn't as funny, so I will blame the bad game.

I honestly do want to finish the game just to say that I made it through one of the worst games of the generation so far. Playing not because I enjoy the game but to check a box on a list that no one cares about is silly even for me but that doesn't mean that it isn't going to happen.

More important that any of the above sickness is the Chamberlain and Chance E3 hype podcast! Listen as we make impossible wishes for games that will not happen. The character's name that I could not remember was Shodan and the game I want to see the most that will not appear (and that I didn't mention) is Beyond Good and Evil 2.

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