Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Outsiders perspective

I have paid more attention to this year's E3 press conferences that I have in a long, long time. After all, I need to keep up with the man who declares this week a personal holiday. I am not prepared to dissect each one, that is what the podcast is for, but I will gladly give me reactions to the big two: Microsoft and Sony.

Please keep in mind that I am by no means unbiased.

If Microsoft's conference had a theme it would be 'OK, you win.' Not as a concession to Sony but as a tiny apology to the loyal. They tried to force a digital only console. That didn't work. They tried to force kinect. That really didn't work. They tried to say that the difference in power between their box and the PS4 was negligible and that people wouldn't really notice. It is no and the really did.

'Ok. We get it. We screwed up. Here, have  tiny version of our current console and a surprisingly low key announcement of the monster that will be out next year. And here are a bunch of games.'

That being said, there were no surprises. Gears 4 looked sufficiently Gears-y. Forza Horizon 3 was not a surprise but was welcome none the less. Raam had already been leaked for Killer Instinct. There was way, way too much Minecraft and. Recore was shown briefly, but again, we knew that was coming. It was a good show but lacked any of the 'moments' that Sony has had.

...and will continue to have.

Sony put together a classy ass presentation. Live orchestra, lots of trailers of big games with little to no talking in between. New IP, albeit in a well worn genre, and of course Hideo Kojima's naked man finds a fetus on a black beach simulator. They had almost everything.

Almost. There was no mention of their new hardware even though everyone knows that it is coming. Nothing short of a AAA title got any screen time and there was no mention of their dying (dead) hand held. It was classy but it was not subtle, certainly humble. The show was Sony taking a precarious step back towards the Sony that announced the PS3 for $600 and told gamers to save up for it.

But they had God of War gameplay, a release date for The Last Guardian, a demo for Resident Evil 7 that I cannot find on PSN, and way, way too much VR.

Sony does win again but it was not the thumping they delivered last year. And that is good. I like my console arms races tight, my streams running smooth, and my press conferences free of dancing giraffes.

What the fuck, Ubisoft. What the fuck.

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