Wednesday, June 15, 2016

See YouTube for the real ending

The not a demo demo of Resident Evil 7 was, to be polite, underwhelming. It did not help that the one big jump scare was spoiled in the trailer shown at Sony's press conference. To quote Alex from yesterday's podcast, this is Capcom attempting to pick up all the money that PT's demise left sitting on the table. There is one problem: they didn't have Kojima at the helm and it shows.

Beginning Hour put you in the shoes of a cameraman for a reality show that focuses on scary, abandoned houses. 'Get out of the house' is your only piece of instruction. You fumble around a very PT looking environment filled with very Resident Evil style pickups. There is a finger in an end table (that I never figure out what was for), a drawer that I never found the key to and a bolt cutter. Obviously the bolt cutter is to open the cabinet with the big ass chain on it.

Inside was a VHS tape. Welcome to the late 80's?

Of course you watch the tape and it is what you recorded prior to being knocked out. No more spoilers for you, but this is the only bit of the game that is even close to unnerving, featuring a blatant shout out to The Blair Witch Project. It still worked, though I was a little embarrassed after the fact.

Short story shorter, you find a key to the back door and just as you about to escape a refugee from The Devil's Reject shows up and kills you. And then you are supposed to play the demo again, and I found another room with a little more info but then was killed by the same dude.

That was enough. There was something creepily compelling about the PT loop and its subtle descent into madness. Beginning Hour never got there. It never got close. It excites me for a Resident Evil game for the first time in years but it is not the AAA horror that I was hoping for,

More like AAA spoopy.

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