Thursday, June 9, 2016

The return of that guy

I will finish Lichdom Battlemage.

My resolve wavered last night after an hour of work on an optional section. It was hard. Cheapshot deaths from across the map hard. Yet I kept at it. Death after death, nonstop repetitive failure, and I did not stop.

Why? Why am I doing this in a terrible game when I have denounced the exact same mechanics in other games that have the bonus of actually being good and hard as opposed to be terrible an hard? As much as you would like to think, the answer is not undiagnosed schizophrenia. My meds all come from a bottle, thank you very much.

The answer is simple and childish. It is the same reason that I had a first generation Prius and currently own a three wheeled motor cycle. It is why I had a TurboGrafx 16 and a 3DO. It is why I stick to low tier, borderline unplayable characters in fighting games and why I have a Windows phone.

I like having things that no one else does. Not expensive things or complicated things or rare things, just things that the crowd turns their collective noses up at. My Prius was a goddamn space ship, as far as people were concerned. Then everyone got one and I sold it and bought a crossover. My Spyder is my new spaceship but there are more and more of them floating around. Perhaps a Slingshot is next.

The same is true for games. Finding out that only 10 people had unlocked a specific achievement in Lichdom Battlemage was like Christmas for me and likewise doomed me to see it through to the end. How many other people played Darkest of Days, Damnation, or any other terrible game from the last gen all the way out to their depressing credits?

Am I proud of this? A bit. It is also a bit troubling but I am certainly not going to stop. It also means that, honestly, I am that guy. You know, that guy. That one guy who did not play any of the Souls games and put next to zero time into Salt and Sanctuary in spite of the generosity of a friend.

You know. That guy.

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