Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Unhealthy obsessions



TrueAchievments is a wonderful, evil service. It automatically sweeps up your achievements on a daily basis and then weights them based on how many people played the game and unlocked said achievement. The more people who play the game and don't unlock one, the more it is worth. This means that every time a game I have played in the past hits Games With Gold my total goes up without me doing anything.

It also provides and unfortunate incentive to complete terrible games. Games like Lichdom Battlemage. Last night I beat (what I really hope is) the second to last boss, an achievement worth 90 points. After the rareness multiplier or fucking 5.49 it turns into a single achievement worth 495 points. Of all the people who have played the game, which is only 277, 10 have unlocked it.

10. And I am one of them. I may have a serious problem.

For the record, no one has unlocked 100% of the achievements for Lichdom Battlemage. No, I am not going to try.


I cannot find a physical copy of Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator and it is really upsetting me.

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