Friday, July 8, 2016

Hooray, I get to play new things

Uncharted 4 lurched to its conclusion last night. And I do mean lurched. I am going to talk about this with little regard for spoilers as everyone else has already finished the game. Still, to be polite:

Things got awfully convenient as the game entered the third act. Raef and Nadine just happen to find Nate and Sam at just the right time. Elena just happens to be in the right river at the right time (on the right island) to keep Nate from drowning after falling off of a cliff. Nate just happens to forgive Sam for tricking him into giving up his whole life for a lie. All this and more occurred simply because 'the plot required it' but for a character based drama, and that is exactly was Uncharted tries to be, plus near constant gun violence, it is not enough. I want to know why someone does something.

The only character whose motivation is clear is Nadine, the mercenary boss bad ass who just wants to get paid. Once Nate and company along with several hundred year old still functioning exploding mummies wipe out almost all of her men, what does she do? She says 'fuck it' and leaves Nate and Raef to kill each other on a burning ship. That makes sense. That I understand. Nate going back to save Sam a second time after saving him a first time when he finally got back in the good graces of his wife? No bro, you are out of chances. Raef going crazy because everything in life has been given to him? What? That is not a thing that happens. People like that have no problems that a hot tub and expensive champagne can't fix.

The series ran out of things for the characters to do so it started to make it up as it went along. Nate being unsatisfied with a normal life? That I get. Nate not even attempting to explain to Elena what is going on before leaving with his long lost brother? Nope. Elena finding them before the mercenaries do just to drop some tears on the floor before leaving again? Nope. The old lady in the mansion dying just as the police arrive followed by the delinquent Drake boys leading said police on a keystone cops worthy chase? Nope. That was just stupid.

If I didn't know these characters I wouldn't care, but then again if I didn't know these characters all Uncharted 4 would be is a gorgeous game with reasonable writing that has been surpassed by the Tomb Raider reboot and sequel in all matters regarding how the game actually plays. It's a bit of a relic, really. It belongs in a museum.

Uncharted 4 is not a bad game, it is a game with impossible to meet expectations. It was the flagship for the last generation and maybe it should have stayed that way. And Nate is still a douchebag. I don't know what Elena sees in him.

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