Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Options to turn off

Buying a television as a person who plays games, specifically fighting games, is a reductive experience. Yes, of course I want all of the fancy bits that go along with a new 4K TV. I want the 3D support that I will never use, the motion blurring and upscaling that make old Seinfeld episodes presentable again, the HDR support that won't matter unless I shell out the cash for an Xbox One S or Playstation 4 Neo, both of which may happen. More importantly, I need to be able to turn all of that fancy shit off to avoid loads of evil input delay when I am being bad at Street Fighter.

And so a 55" Sony Bravia made it into my basement last night, quite the upgrade from my old 40" Samsung plasma. It is honestly too big for my needs, so much so that I will need to shuffle my consoles around to make them fit in the entertainment center instead of on the entertainment center (unless I set the PS4 on top of my subwoofer and even I know that that is a terrible idea). There was a designated game mode that does what I want but I will also be able to switch it back to being the television it wants to be for movies.

Did I let it slip that I kind of want an XBox One S?

I know that it is not much of an upgrade but it will support 4K Blu Rays and, as I mentioned on the podcast, I am always looking for a reason to buy Blade Runner again. It's my White Album. If you don't get that reference then get the hell off of my lawn.


Mighty No 9 does not deserve all of the hate that has been piled upon it. Divorced from all of the Kickstarter nonsense, it is not a bad game. It is not a good game, either, instead it is a mediocre Mega Man game. But that still means that it is a Mega Man game. It has been a long time since I tried and failed to complete Mega Man 10 so it is welcome, foibles and all.

My one big complaint is how plain the game looks plain and that levels are not nearly different enough from one another, thematically. And the boss robots are pretty lame. And the voice acting is terrible. Maybe I like the game less than I thought I did...

Let's come at this from the opposite direction: the control is tight and therefore the levels and bosses can be very demanding. Beck (terrible name) has a dash that can be used multiple time while airborne, making it very easy to change directions quickly, which is good because the game expects you to master this quickly. It is not Mega Man 10 hard but this is no cake walk.

...I freely admit that I looked up the correct order in which to kill the boss robots. When I was a child I had time to fuck around, now, no way, the game is on the clock and needs to be brought to a close as quickly as possible.

Which should hopefully be tonight as playing it on my new television seems like at absolute waste when the new Mirror's Edge game is right there.

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