Monday, July 25, 2016


One of these days I will let slip that, politically, I am part of the problem. That my voting record, or complete lack thereof, makes my liberal social leanings irrelevant. While that is true, I counter with this: as soon as someone desires to lead the free world they should no longer be considered. No one seeks power out of benevolency.

Oh, and we talk about games, too.

Chamberlain and Chance - Almost everything is terrible ...

Mirror's Edge Catalyst may actually be a bad game. This depends on what the ratio of good story levels to stupid side missions ends up being. I played for about two hours last night and about fifteen of that was fun. That chunk if time was, in fact, excellent, reminiscent of the first game. Faith scales an under construction tower to disable a counterweight at the top that keeps the whole thing from falling down. It was everything that I wanted from a new Mirror's Edge game.

The rest of the time was a grind, pushing my way through side quests that I had no desire to do but that I needed the XP from to unlock more abilities. Not everything needs to be an open world game! Linearity is not a bad word!

It's such a waste. The game looks very good, if a bit empty. I understand that the rooftops are empty but when I bust into a restaurant to meet a mob boss (whom Faith owes a great deal of money) I expect there to be more people there than just said boss, cooking up a nice meal for his one bodyguard.

If nothing else, Catalyst is going to be the story of Faith's sweet arm tattoo. How can I argue with that?

Speaking of tattoos, where should I get this?


  1. Obviously, your lower back. With its tail snaking down between the cheeks, implying that is has just emerged, steaming and furious, from your own personal forbidden netherworld.