Thursday, July 28, 2016

Pointless and worthless

I am not going to talk about The Killing Joke anymore, other than to mention that the only game that I have to come home to was Mirror's Edge: Catalyst, itself a massive disappointment. It was not a good time.

Pull away all of the open world parts and Catalyst would be about a good of a game as the first Mirror's Edge. Prettier, shorter, but at least it would about six hours of substance instead of eighteen hours of padding. I could not wait to unlock fast travel between hideouts. A game about running managed to make running boring.

Even its attempts at making the one side mission, getting from place as fast as you can with zero margin or error, worse. How? By adding a stealth element. Get from one place to another as fast as possible with no margin for error without being seen.

You know what? No. Fuck you, game, you've gone too far. I decided to skip all of the collectibles and delivery missions and only play the parts of the game that were worth playing. Surprise, it went from terrible to not bad at all and I still had enough experience to unlock all of the skills.

That's not good. The open world crap was both bad and worthless. This is how I spend my free time.

...and I was right, the whole game was the story of how Faith got her sweet arm tattoo.

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