Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Self control. And then the podcast

Looking back at old entries, I did not like the first three Uncharted games much as I remember. I ripped on them collapsing in the third act, I complained about Nathan being a dick all of the time to everyone. I complained because that is what I do with games that everyone else likes.

I think I am still right, though I am somewhat embarrassed at my unfair harshness. Talking with Chance once a week is making me soft, tempering by bitchy edge.

Of course Uncharted 4 is good but it is not as good as The Last of Us. The hand to hand combat is week, the shooting is not up to the bar that has been set by the Gears games. What is different this time is that Nathan is more likeable, mostly because his brother Sam is an obvious scum bag. Everyone but Nathan can see that he is being taken advantage of. Nathan is blinded by the guilt of having left Sam in a prison for fifteen years.

Which, I suppose, is believable.

It is difficult to separate my contradictory nature from my my more critical one. Am I being overly critical of Uncharted 4 because it has problems or because everyone else seems to love it? Time will tell. And then I will play Doom.


Behold, the podcast!

Chamberlain and Chance - There's more?!

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