Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Lost trust

Save point placement is a lost art. Back in the days when saving anywhere was just not an option a well placed save point could clue the player in that something big was about to happen. More than just a way to not lose progress, it could be a warning. For example, save points in Silent Hill 2 were usually just a red box. Then this happened:

Oh shit. Something terrible is going to happen very soon, and this being a game in which terrible things are happening all the time, I was quite apprehensive.

Save points should not take you back over two unskippable cut scenes and one boss fight. That is not how they work. I am looking at you, Star Ocean, fuck you for wasting an hour of my time, most of which was spent not watching a cutscene that I had already gotten past. Now I am scared to advance the story as I was totally unprepared for the boss fight and there was no way to get out of this save point - death loop. I could not leave to grind levels, I could not go shopping for items, I had to try and try again until the gods of random numbers let me through.

It happened eventually and last night instead of moving the story forward I spent three hours doing side quests. The same will happen again tonight  and most likely tomorrow night as well. I will do these until I run out because I no longer trust the game to not fuck me.

This supposedly short JRPG is starting to feel much longer than it needs to be.


  1. Aw man, you know who had perfect save points? The first 2 dead spaces....

    Simpler times.