Friday, August 12, 2016


I had forgotten how difficult it is to come with something interesting to say about a JRPG every day. It does not have the organic, random adventures that open ended, Western styles games do. There is no wandering into a cave in an Elder Scrolls game and then running for your life from a den of bears that just happened to be there. Instead there is a series of story beats, some big, many small, that are difficult to explain without retelling the entire story.

Last night 'aliens' showed up, complete with laser rifles, and jumped right into the middle of a war. They didn't really choose sides so much as shoot everything up while trying to find the 'innocent child trope' representative. The child of course has amnesia, is in your party and is immensely powerful at irregular intervals. Instead of fighting off the invaders she teleports the entire party to a nearby snow covered mountaintop.

She's just a child, but come on, they had lasers, knock a building down on them.

I can tell the the combat is going to grate on me as time passes. The optional boss that ate up all of by resurrection items because no one but my character would block or dodge was proof of that. I will soldier on, because that is what I do, and the game has yet to jump out of the television and kick me in the nuts.

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