Friday, September 2, 2016

Hello there...

My my, how did I miss this little nugget:

Oh shit.


In other good news, SNK actually fixed the netcode in KoF 14. It's more than good now, it's great. This highlights a significant problem: I do not know how to translate the sweet ass combos that I can do in the practice room into something that I can perform in a match. There is a bit of performance anxiety, of course, but the real problem is just getting into a position where I can hit the other guy with more than the tip of an desperately thrown normal.

Hit confirms are everything. You need to be able to translate that crouching light kick into grown ass man damage or you are not going to have a good day. Worse, not every character has a light attack that can be confirmed into a command normal and then into a special.

The grand Xanadu experiment is over. I need a new third, preferably someone with an invincible reversal. I have also been told that 'getting good' will also help me to lose less often but if Street Fighter V has taught me anything it is that FUCK IT DP is a viable strategy.

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