Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Just a little further

I finally finished the fairy chapter and my opinion of how it played has not changed. It was the weakest of the three sections, easily, though the two side scrolling shooter sections were a pleasant surprise. There was no weight or power to her attacks and I felt like I was running away all of the time. I mean, she was a fairy, but her mother at least looked like she could handle herself. Mercedes was waifish to an almost silly degree.

While her gameplay was weak Mercedes' piece of the story had they same weight to it as the valkyrie and the pooka. Each so far has been about loss and what the protagonist does about it. Gwendolyn lost her position as a valkyrie, banished by her father for what she believed to be a noble act. She eventually accepted this, even finding love with the man she was promised to. Cornelius lost his humanity, cursed to live as a anthropomorphic bunny. He at first fought to regain his form, then to protect Velvet.

Mercedes lost her mother, who was killed by Odin, then nearly lost her kingdom when betrayed by her cousin. It takes quite a while for her to come around, but when she does there is a Braveheart worthy speech made to her soldiers on the eve of a final battle with Odin's army.

Now if only the four hours dedicated to her weren't such a chore.

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