Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Thin pickings

It's going to be a thin week here. Not including tonight, I only managed three nights of playing anything, one of which was split between Odin Sphere and KoF 14. Now that KoF works online, and it more than just works, it's exceptional, I am less willing to write it off. Movement is still a major obstacle, I understand the motion of the hop but cannot get my hands to do it, but the flow of the game is starting to make more sense.

Street Fighter 5, unlike 4, is all about pressure. If you aren't attacking you are losing and if you attack at the wrong time you are also losing, just faster. KoF is as well but there is at least one other way to play: ranged. My current team is Kukri - King - Andy, all of whom have firewall attacks. Using ranged attacks to wear down the opponent, to get them to commit to a bad jump in or roll from the wrong distance, works. Managing the field of play instead of the opponent has more effect than in Street Fighter.

I am not saying that it is the most efficient way or the most effective but at least it is an option. The next step is to maximize the openings that a good ranged game provides and that means getting my sweet ass combos out of the practice room and into the real world. It also means sucking less from the player two side but that has been a problem for my entire life and is why I picked up charge characters so many years ago.

What was that? Urien is a charge character and will be out sometime this month? Just when I think I got out Street Fighter 5 pulls me back in.


I am now further into Odin Sphere than I got the first time I played it. An estimate of 20 hours was given to me when I asked about the completion time. That is not even close to what this is going to take me is I see it through to the end. The final act of the second character sees me at around 14 hours and there are four more to go.

The game has not worn out its welcome yet. There have been repeated environments and bosses but they have been different enough to keep me invested. The final area of the second book is completely new and had a new boss, a blob that split in two after each health bar was depleted. On the PS4 it looked amazing and played as smooth as one would expect but I could see this encounter bringing the Vita to its knees.

What will break me is one of the characters not being fun to use. A significant amount of time is spent with each and they always start from level one. Each is in essence their own game, a game that I have played before, so if one of them is lame putting up with him or her will be extra difficult. So far the spear wielding valkyrie and sword wielding pooka have been amusing and unique. I do not know who is next but I predict the the fairie with a crossbow will be the one that will test my resolve.

She doesn't even look cool.


On vacation for the next few days. I may post, I may not. If I survive, there may be pictures.

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