Thursday, September 1, 2016

Trying things again

I attempted KoF 14 again last night, thing time in party mode. Instead of picking a team of three characters each player picks one and then is randomly assigned to one of two teams. For some bizarre reason the game actually functions online in this way, though one bad connection can still spoil it for everyone else.

Quickly I learned that it wasn't much fun, as I could sit for an entire match in the third slot and never get to play, and that I have no idea how to make an approach in KoF. Walking forward in Street Fighter is pretty powerful. Jumping is almost always a bad idea as jumps are always the same and almost all characters has some sort of anti-air attack, be that an invincible reversal or Necalli's magic standing jab.

KoF just doesn't work that way. Jumping, as long as you mix up what kind of jump, actually works, and many character do not have a dragon punch like move. Even when they do none of the have the same level of invincibility. So I did a lot of dancing make and forth with Kukri, knowing the combo that I wanted to do but with no idea on how to get it and actually do it. Real matches and time will fix this. I hope the game allows both.

I think I want to learn this guy:

That's Xanadu. He's weird.


Chance loved Odin Sphere enough to play it through in a foreign language and then buy it again. I do not like any game that much but I did play Odin Sphere when it first came out on the PS2. I remember be enthralled by the animation, annoyed by the rampant slowdown, and eventually bored but the repeating stages.

The game still looks great, though Dragon's Crown (by the same developer) definately looks better. There is no slow down which makes boss fights much more enjoyable. There are also new skills, at least I think they are new, that make said boss fights almost trivial. For example, the first big boss you fight is a dragon. He has a large attack that only goes in one direction and I have a move that drills through the boss, ignoring his hitbox, putting me behind him.

While he is stuck in his attack animation I get to harass him from behind. It's cheap and I love it.

There is the matter of repeated backgrounds that is still present, or will be when I finish the first character. The game itself is more enjoyable to play than it was the first time, which will stave off the dreaded boredom for a while, but I have my doubts that I will make it through the game with every character.

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