Monday, October 3, 2016


Does anyone else remember Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime? No? Good for you, it shows that you are much more discerning with your limited number of leisure hours on this good earth. I played it, it was terrible, and I never finished it because the game was so rooted in co-op play that lonely players were saddled with three suicidal AI companions.

That game was really, really bad. It made top three is my worst of the year (in 2011, wow that was a long time ago). The newish Ghostbuster game loosely based on the new movie couldn't possible be as bad, could it? Oh, it is, in exactly the same way. It appears that they took Sanctum of Slime, slapped in into the Unreal 4 engine and called it a day.

Sure, a few annoying quips were recorded to be repeated ad nauseam during gameplay. If I hear 'lights out ghoul friend' one more fucking time.... Apart from a sideways reference or two to the movie it is the same game.

And I am playing it.

I really, really hope it isn't very long.


No pictures of yesterday's addition. It is not finished and partially finished tattoos look terrible.

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