Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Bad, bad things

An apology.

For the first time since Chance and I started doing our podcast we have missed a week. It is not for lack of trying. We were ready to go and Cast, the site that we use, simply did not allow anyone to connect to the same session. I have run into issues with Cast before and they replied quickly and professionally. This time is not going as well. I emailed them last night and have received nothing more than an automatic response.

My reach is incredibly small but my wrath is mighty. Cast, do not fuck with me. I pay to use your site. It may not be much but it is money exchanged for services, services that you failed to deliver. A response would be nice, even if all it says is that a human has seen my problem.


Where were we, oh yes, shitty games.

Ghostbusters put me to sleep last night - full on unconscious on the couch with the controller in my hands, drooling slightly from one corner of the mouth. That last game to do that was Final Fantasy 13 during the twenty hour tutorial. It is not a good sign.

The problem, well one of the problems, is that nothing in the game changes. You move from room to room, shoot many of the same ghosts until you run into a more powerful ghost that needs to be trapped. There is a button mashing mini-game (seriously, what the fuck) and the cycle starts again. The first few levels took about thirty minutes to complete. The level I fell asleep in the midst of last night took fifty, though I am not really sure how long I was out.

I am not fighting annoyance or anger with this game, or even the games poor quality. I am fighting fatigue.

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