Monday, October 10, 2016

Budget constraints

The limitations of not being EA or CD Projeckt are beginning to be more apparent in The Technomancer. Aside from mediocre graphics, bad voice acting and repetitive quests, I mean. There is a somewhat hidden karma system. Doing basically good things nets you good karma and shoving a needle into unconscious enemies, draining their essence and killing them is bad karma. Supposedly companions may or may not like this, though I have not been jamming needles into brains as there are much more efficient ways to earn money, like running errands for crime bosses.

In better games the side missions you took part in had some sort of effect on the members or your party. This led to either shaping up or finding a party that was complicit with your evil dealings. They don't seem to notice much in The Technomancer. I have a gigantic and surprisingly well spoken mutant and a very angry pilot (who I may or may not have kidnapped at one point) and neither of them said a word while I was extorting money from merchants. I didn't get any bad karma points, either, so there was no reason not to go full on criminal lackey.

No repercussions. No consequences. No budget to take into account all the awful things that a player may get into. It's a small, big game, if that makes any sense.


I need to vent about an audio/visual problem.

Having recently purchased a mediocre 4K television and two more speakers I set to the task of rewiring all of my shit for pseudo 7.1 sound. Previously I had the consoles going directly to the television via HDMI for video and to my receiver via digital audio cable for sound. It worked, sounded good, but it was a lot of wires.

HDMI is just as good if not better for sound. In an effort to consolidate cables, and because the television will control the receiver, I moved the consoles to go directly into the receiver via HDMI and then connected the receiver to the television via another HDMI. No dice, the 4K pass through was either not there or not good enough. The Xbox One S complained that it was connected to a less than optimal set.

So I swapped it, connected the consoles directly to the television and then went back from the television to the receiver via HDMI. This works, save one problem: a very slight delay to the audio. We are talking around a tenth to two tenths of a second. Just a few frames but god damn once I noticed it I can see and hear nothing else.

I went back to using the digital audio cable, thus defeating the entire purpose and settled on being pissed off. It dawned on me that I have no idea if the cable I was using to go from the television to the receiver was a newer or older HDMI cable. There is a difference in speed and the older ones cannot handle 4K signals.

Sigh. Back to the store again.

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