Tuesday, October 25, 2016

God out of nothing

I began to get suspicious of Deus Ex Mankind Divided when, after several days worth of playing, there had been no boss fights. There had been several discussions with NPCs that could almost be considered boss battles but nothing to really force me to use my chosen augs to their fullest potential. My hacking Jensen had morphed into a hacking - stealth Jensen as I had grown tired of working for the stealth and instead wanted to stroll about casually whilst invisible. It didn't that martial law had been declared and being seen just about anywhere meant that the cops were shooting at me.

Not a single points was spent in an combat abilities save for one or two in the health category. I never needed any of those abilities as even when combot broke out taking cover and nailing headshots with the same gun that I had received in the tutorial mission was more than enough to get the job done.

It seemed that, in an effort to prevent people from tech treeing themselves into a corner the devs just made the game easier instead of forcing the player to be creative and smart with their choices. Doors and computers important to the plot always had the lowest hacking rating. Heating ducts were always right there when I couldn't think of what else to do.

When a boss finally came I was ready. I had been hoarding armor piercing bullets for the entire game. He was flanked by two flying drones and a robot and packed a fairly good punch himself. An EMP grenade took out the robot and, while I could have hacked the flying drones from a distance that was just a temporary fix and it required the same line of site and amount of time that shooting them did. So my hacking stealth Jensen morphed into combat Jensen with none of the combat skills and no worse for the wear for it.

I didn't even bother turning invisible to avoid the boss. I just ducked behind a chest high wall and shot him as he approached. He died and the game ended. Yawn. This would have been an acceptable expansion pack. As a full priced game it feels oddly truncated, like the ending only became the ending after either time or money ran out. It's a shame because, aside from the terrible facial animations, the game looks good and during the few moments it decided to be challenging it was enjoyable.

Oh well, it's almost November and there are plenty of other game to play. Like the king of chest high walls, Gears of War 4. Crank old Marcus Fenix is the best Marcus Fenix. As proof, an actual line, delivered while killer robots are being dropped into his greenhouse:

'Aw, they're going to fuck up my tomatos!'

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