Monday, October 31, 2016

Less depressing than I thought

I was wrong. Gear of War 4 does not kill Marcus. There is no doubt in my mind that that gut punch is being saved for a later game. Instead the player is treated to an almost heartwarming scene of Marcus, Baird and Cole reuniting after a ten year separation. Marcus becoming a hermit is not explained but it is not difficult to figure out that shortly after Anya, his wife, died he turned his sullen nature up to 11 and consequently drove JD away.

JD referring to Cole as 'Uncle Cole' and Baird as 'that asshole' in spite of Baird bringing two giant mechs with him fills in a few blanks, too.

The boss fight which brought mu progress to a painful stop should have been the end of the game. Nothing after that, including piloting the aforementioned mechs, measured up. It would have been better to either put this boss fight closer to the actual end or just skip the final area and jump right to Kait's mother dying (spoiler, but you knew this was going to happen) and Marcus stating that things weren't over.

That's all I have to complain about. I would change the order of the 5% of the game and eliminate the giant robot combat. Apart from that, this is game is exactly what I wanted.

Time for rampant spoiler filled speculation!

The locust had attached Kait's mother to their biological network, a network that turned cocooned humans into juvenile swarm, a process just as icky as it sounds. Why was a live human required for this? Well...

At the end of Gears of War 3 the locust queen made her appearance - as a very human looking woman in sweet ass armor. Little is made of this and even less explained, then they all died. Kait's mother was the only person not cocooned by the swarm. As she died from being cut from the network she handed Kait a small symbol that had belonged to her grandmother.

Kait never met her grandmother. I am calling this now: Kait's grandmother was the locust queen. She is going to turn evil in a game or two and Marcus is going to die defending JD from her. Armchair videogame story writer powers, go!

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