Friday, October 28, 2016

Most proper

I may have made a mistake.

At the outset of Gears of War 4 there are four difficulty choices. I do not recall the names but the descriptions were you are new to action games, you are new to Gears of War, the way it was meant to played and fuck off and die. I chose the way it was meant to be played and have been paying for that choice since.

Difficulty spikes are not new to this series. I distinctly remember the mind numbing frustration of theron guards wielding bow casters. There had been a few in the first half of the game, namely the intrusions of horde mode into the game proper. Not a bad thing, it just required a shift in tactics. Last night, though....

Big boss. Brumak. Well, swarmak because it is the swarm now instead of the locust. He is invulnerable at outset of the fight and has weak points that are uncovered by destroying one of four generators spread through the room. In one of my finest moments (of out smarting myself) I destroyed all four of the generators in quick succession. I'll just expose all of weak points at once, right?

What I didn't know is that the destruction of each generator triggered a wave of enemies, each worse than the last. By destroying all four generators I triggered all four waves so now I have juvies, grunts and two goddamn full blooded locust carrying miniguns all coming at the same time. Guess when the autosave hit?

Ladies and gentlemen, I am proper fucked.

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