Thursday, October 20, 2016

Not as deep as it pretends to be

Deus Ex Human Revolution was the last big game that I played on PC. It came free with a new video card so I played it on the small screen. I remember it being, at best, OK. It was far enough after the release that I knew what builds to avoid to not be tripped up by bosses who care nothing for your verbal or hacking skills because all that want to do is shoot you in the face.

That Adam Jansen was a boring soldier and the game was boring because of that.

This time around I have fallen into a hacking build for the same reason that all of my Elder Scrolls characters are thieves: I hate not being able to open doors. It has worked so far because said virtual keys have help me avoid larger confrontations. That and liberal save scumming, anyway. Without the silent legs and invisibility the stealth is much more honest. I have to watch where guards can see and where they are walking. Only once have I thrown in the towel and just started shooting people. Religious zealots awaiting the singularity, if you must know. They did not put up much of a fight.

The game feels oddly small. Hub areas are detailed but take no time to get through and most buildings cannot be entered. Those that can are limited to a room or two, the largest so far was a strip club (because of course it was) and even that was about two floors and a balcony.

It is also in no way subtle about drawing a parallel between aug/natural relations and modern race relations, right down to the all encompassing Fox New blaring from every channel, saying that creating a separate but equal place for augs to go is what they want and what is best for everyone. It's a little cringey in a 'this is not as far removed from the way things really are' sort of way. Jensen keeps getting stopped by the cops and asked for his papers.

He hasn't killed any of them yet. I kind of wish he would.

Mankind Divided is still what I would call and great game. The character and facial animations are laughable and the cover based shooting, when it happens, just makes me wish I was playing Gear of War 4 instead of this. The game is trying to be important. It desperately wants to be. But I guarantee that Mankind Divided, just like Human Revolution, will not be reinstalled just because someone mentions the name.

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