Thursday, November 3, 2016

Better off alone

Attack on Titan literally revealed everything the play can do in the first hour. From there it is just grinding side missions for money and materials, and yes I am aware that this describes most action RPGs. At least once difference, and where Attack on Titan fails first, is variety of enemies and variety of environments.

Boiled down to its simplest elements, Diablo 3 is the same game as Attack on Titan: the player kills things to get stuff to hit harder and kill bigger things. Diablo has more ways to do it, more things to do it to and more places to do said things. There is variety to counteract the repetitive nature of actually playing the game. Attack on Titan has swords and you fly around, which is cool for a while, but all of the first chapter takes place on the same map that looks identical in every direction and there are about three different kinds of enemies: little titans, medium titans and big titans.

There is the occasional abnormal titan but they are just big titans that run funny.

It's so boring. The source material is a handicap as, from what I understand (and keep in mind I made it about two episodes it before giving up) the game is an accurate representation for the anime: lots of talking interrupted by people being eaten. There isn't enough variety to build a game without significantly diverging from the show.

So the game has no reason to exist and is tedious to play. Moving on!


I did not know what Warhammer Vermintide was when I added it to the queue. Video looked interesting, giving of Dark Messiah of Might and Magic vibe, but I totally missed the multiplayer part. Which the whole part. Alex broke it to me on this week's podcast:

'Warhammer Left for Dead.'

He was exactly right. Surprisingly enough that game is playable solo as your teammates are not grotesquely stupid. They stay close by, attack and heal with called for, and in general do their best to help you towards you objective. This doesn't make the objective any easier to find due to sprawling maps and no map but at least they don't get in the way.

I am reminded on this comic:

I'm not developing relationships but it is managing to be a good time. Who needs real people, anyway?

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