Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Magical house elves

Forza Horizon 3 wrapped up last night, at least I played as much of it as I felt like playing, which was a little more than I had played the previous Horizon. Last time around I lost interest after the final showcase race - it ticked the 'the game is over' switch in my head and immediately played something else. Horizon 3 almost did that. What saved it was how lackluster the final showcase was: a race against a blimp, of all things. It was boring.

There had to be more. I kept playing until I had found and completed all of the exhibition races, 63 if I remember correctly, and found all of the rusty old cars in barns. Done enough for me. I will remember the game fondly and be tempted by its DLC.


I must be consistent in my complaints. One of my serial bitches, and one that I hoped would be resolved by this generations hardware, is consistency in the environment. If I do something, anything, that affects the level, what is in it or where bodies are, I want to stay that way when I turn my back. Doom is to the go example. In the original Doom when you killed something the corpse stayed there until the level was complete. Bodies instead of breadcrumbs, That was not the case in Doom 3 or the otherwise exceptional Doom 2016. Enemies evaporate after death.

This bothers me.

Horizon 3 does something similar and even more unforgivable. Not all racing is confined to the track. Be it an off road race or a lack of skill on my part, shit along the the side of the road gets knocked down. I want it to stay knocked down. Nope. All the wonderful carnage has been fixed on the next lap.

This bothers me. The game is so close to perfect. So close that little chinks in the immersion, like a mailbox that I plowed into during the previous lap being fixed by electronic house else, really stand out.

That's the best complaint I can muster. I feel it is legitimate, if a bit nitpicky.

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  1. It's a legit complaint - pulls me right out of the gaming experience when everything is back to normal even though I know I killed guys or destroyed things in the environment only moments before.