Friday, November 18, 2016

Mediocre introduction

You can tell a lot about an RPG by how it handles the first level gained by the player character. Is it going to explain everything all at once, thereby guaranteeing that the player will forget it all? Will the player be thrown in with no explanation, cursed to wade through menu after menu trying to find out what each stat means? Will it hit just the right balance and keep the player invested by forcing them to interact with the leveling system from level two on (Final Fantasy X is still one of the best).

Or, as Exist Archive did, will there be no fanfare, no interaction, and the main character gains a few hit points and a pat on the back? I only play for about thirty minutes last night and the entire experience felt archaic. Yes, it is a spiritual follow up to Valkyrie Profile, and for that it gets about a million bonus points, But come on, at least make an effort to engage the player.

More to come on this on. It will be difficult to stay true to it with Forza Horizon 3 sitting on my desk but I will try. For a little while. 

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