Friday, November 4, 2016

Nice comments withdrawn

I need to be more cautious about throwing in with a game after only a few hours of play.

Everything I said about Vermintide? I wasn't wrong, but the good things turned into bad things very quickly. The bot AI does do a good job of staying out of your way but it does so by ignoring your, not by taking into account what you are trying to do. Of course this lesson happened at the end of a thirty minute level. And of course there are no checkpoints because this is just a Left for Dead rip off.

So there are rats. You need to kill them. There are little rats, big rats, rats with torches, anachronistic rats with chain guns, rats in full plate armor and, worst of all, pack leaders. Pack leaders wield a long staff with a looped rope on the end and try to catch a you around the neck and drag you away from the rest of the group. Normally this isn't a problem because they don't take much to kill and killing them sets free anyone who they have caught.

If that aren't killed the pack leader will drag you around a corner, prop the stick up in the group as a makeshift gallows and run the fuck away. Still, if another player find you in time you can be cut down. A human player would do this.

Last night I had an AI bot walk past me three times. I am not sure what I did to offend it but it left me there to die on the end of rope. So I got him back by uninstalling the game.


Remember Ace Team? They started out with the wonderful and bizarre first person brawler Zeno Clash, then made the best Monty Python game ever, Rock of Ages. Zeno Clash 2 was next, just as bizarre but not as wonderful as the first game and we won't talk about Abyss Odyssey.

After giving up on Vermintide I wandered back over to my PS4 to check out this month's free games. What the hell if The Deadly Tower of Monsters? Top down shooter, kind of funny, looks like an old VHS movie that had been played a few too many times, wait - Ace Team?!

Fine, I'll play it. If nothing else looking it up brought Rock of Ages II to my attention.

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