Thursday, November 17, 2016

Rolling clouds of smug

That is probably the best thing I have said all year.

On with the podcast!

Chamberlain and Chance - Rolling clouds of smug
ReCore is still bad. I collected to requisite 45 pieces of nonsense to through all five floors of the final area and was rewarded with an incredibly plain looking set of levels, of which I have done two, that are also far and away more difficult than anything that came before them. This is not a problem - the one thing the game had going for it was that Joule controlled quite well. These final areas look like shit but are compelling to actually play.

So, close but no cigar?


I finally diagnosed my audio/video issues. Around a year ago I picked up a new 7.1 receiver and speakers and, in a rare moment of forethought, made sure it had 4K passthrough. A 4K television and two 4K consoles later and I have been unable to use the damn thing for what is is for, namely to connect my shit to and run one cord to the television.

What I did not know, and what may not have existed, when I bought the receiver was the new 2.2 standard for HDCP (high bandwidth digital content protection). The new systems and television all require this and the poor receiver is stuck on the old standard of 1.4.

Foiled by high tech security.

Does anyone want to buy a receiver?

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