Tuesday, November 15, 2016

So, so boring

ReCore is bad, folks. Not hopelessly bad, just it could have been fixed with more money and more time bad. The story, at its core, had the potential to be interesting. The Earth is fucked (not to big a stretch) and humanity flees. The problem is that the only plane they can get to needs to be reworked on a global scale and won't be ready for several hundred years. Most people end up orbiting the planet in cryostorage and a few people are sent to the plant along with hundreds of core robots. The people on the planet wake up every few decades to check on the terraforming. Our hero, Joule (ugh) wakes up to find just about everything is destroyed and has to figure out why.

Not a bad start, right? ReCore is trying to be a Rachet and Clank game. Rachet games, along with everything else to do well, are visually interesting, often times breath taking. ReCore offers up desert and more desert. Boring desert filled will boring ruins and boring enemy robots. There is nothing to look at. I played this after sampling InFamous First Light on the PS4Pro and oh god, the jaggies, they are cutting my eyes!

On top of being boring to look at the game is boring to play. Joule has one weapon that can fire four different colored bullets and that is all she will ever have. There are four robot companions so far that have different abilities but you can only have two with you at any given time. Find a puzzle that require the spider core and you have the dog and the gorilla? Hope you like the desert because you ass is walking back, slow movement and all.

And the fourth act is just as terrible as you may have heard. The squanders the stories potential and then realizes that it is only six hours long. Well, how about requiring an arbitrarily high number of collectible doodads before you can complete the final tower? I knew this was coming and took by time, collecting 19 of the special cores before the final area.

I needed 45.

So boring.

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