Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Terrifying boredom

In the spirit of Halloween, and because the Amnesia PS4 ports aren't coming out until November, I dusted off the Outlast 2 demo that I had downloaded and forgotten about. Outlast was half a good horror game and half a bad science fiction game, explaining far too much for any of the scares to last. It never got better than the first jump scare. It's expansion, Whistleblower, did things in the opposite order, so again, half of a good game. I did not expect much from the demo.

Good thing, too, as the demo was underwhelming, a mish mash of horror ideas from better games. The spooky community and mumbling locals were from Resident Evil 4, the extreme darkness from Silent Hill 2 and Amnesia, the jumping between the real world and reliving memories from Condemned (and maybe a dozen other games). All it had that was almost its own was some offensive religious imagery I could have done without and a reliance on gore from the first game.

It was not frightening in the least. The demo for Resident Evil 7 mustered up more goosebumps. I talk big but it is a horror game so I will probably end up playing it. I'll just tune out all the upside down crosses and bloody mangers.


Attack on Titan suffered the same fate as The Walking Dead: I got bored quickly and turned them off. The game is going to do the same thing: long sections of 'drama' interrupted by engaging but repetitive combat. I got to be a titan for a bit, which was fun in a Godzilla sort of way, but even that got old when I exhausted my three available moves and still had several dozen other titans to kill.

I do not think I am going to finish this. Maybe one or two more nights.

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