Thursday, December 8, 2016

A murderer in the past and present

My Corvo is getting careless. He ran out of fucks to give at the end of the last game. This time around a crazy woman stole his powers (albeit briefly) and turned his daughter to stone so from beat one he is having a bad day. I talked yesterday about how the mechanics gave me no real incentive so play sneaky/non-lethal. The story doesn't either. When high chaos Corvo says things like 'anyone who stands in my way gets what he deserves' and 'what can that fortress do against a man with hate in his heart' it fits.

Corvo is no pacifist. It will be interesting to see if he is chastised by his daughter when she realizes that he has killed more people than blood flies in the last week and a half.

His lack of fucks is not even limited to his own time period. Last night I played through a well thought out level that had Corvo bouncing back and forth between the present day and several years in the past. The currently run down mansion was in much better shape a few years ago which made for some interesting time shifting puzzles. Think the light world/dark world problems from Soul Reaver, just with less angst and blocks to rotate.

It was also possible to use this time shifting to avoid enemies. But what did my Corvo do? He killed everyone in the past just to see what would happen. Nothing did and I think that the game missed a real opportunity to give some consequence, some weight, to his actions. Something simple like the name of a shop changing names because you killed the owner or there being more or fewer guards, anything to show that murdering guards in the past should have repercussions for the present.

Unless the game goes by the Quantum Break time theory that anything that happened in the past already happen so going backward in time just means that someone is doing what already was done. Nah, it's not that smart.

Just a few more levels to go.

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