Monday, December 12, 2016

Crushed by the big boy(s)

Titanfall was dismissed after forty five minutes of play. Having no single player content will do that. Titanfall 2 promised an actual single player campaign that included a titan with personality that they were totally not going to kill in the final act. It did have a campaign, at least around five hours of a campaign, and it did feature a titan with (limited) personality but he totally dies at the end. No Old Yeller moment here, though, it could not manage the gut punch that Call of Duty Infinite Warfare did.

It would be unfair to continue comparing Titanfall 2 to Infinite Warfare as Titanfall 2 loses by almost every measure. Infinite Warfare doesn't have giant robots punching each other but it does have space battle so that ends up being a wash. As a single player experience it was just a better game. This is not to say that Titanfall 2 is bad, it just doesn't have the weight in either its combat or it story.

Everything feels lighter than air when playing Titanfall 2. As the pilot the ability to wall run will kick in when you don't want it to and you can stick to a wall for distances that would make the Prince of Persia jealous. Titans are more nimble than they appear to be, controlling like the pilot but without a jump button. The only part of the game that had a good crunch to it was the sound, at least I assume that it why I had people upstairs yelling at me to turn things down.

I hesitate to use this bland of a description, but the game was OK. It did not shake up the series the way Infinite Warfare managed to do but it did provide people who don't play multiplayer shooters something beyond awkward tea bagging. I would say that it is not worth the $60 price tag but it has already dropped.

Since I have no affection for the series it is not a big loss. Titanfall 2 should have been the first game. Even then coming out within spitting distance of November was a really bad idea.


That's two of the big three shooter down. All that remains is Battlefield 1. If reactions to that are to be believed then it has a better shot at matching CoD. Hopefully is shows up before I forget what I liked about it and declare Battlefield 1 the winner be default.

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