Monday, December 26, 2016

Hey, nice stack

I am not sure how to say this so I am just to lay it out there: World of Final Fantasy is not bad. It is insufferably cute - the writing thinks it is funny and it is not. The two main characters are boring and cameos from other Final Fantasy games never stick around for as long as they should. The camera is always locked and hides important items behind level geometry.

But the combat. Oh my. For starters it can be set to either turn based or pseudo real time like the old, classic games (I chose turn based). It is one part Pokemon, catching, training and evolving mirages, and one part insanity in that the monsters are equipped in a stack with the player character either on the bottom or in the middle, depending on their size at the time.

This requires explanation. The player characters can being either normal sized or tiny. If they are tiny they are in the middle of the stack and if they are normal then they are on the bottom. This effectively creates two weapon sets that can be switched between on the map, but not in combat, so it is still possible to get screwed. I also have found very few large mirages so most of my time is spent on the bottom of two monsters hoping that they are housebroken.

It sounds ridiculous, and it is, but it works. New mirages are found at a fairly consistent rate. Enemy weaknesses change so the player is forced to rework the stacks. It makes the old turned based combat interesting again. I was quite surprised.

Now I just need to free up another thirty hours so I can finish the game. Hope I can stomach the unrelenting cuteness.

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