Monday, December 19, 2016

I may have deserved this

It gets cold where I live. Cold and dry. I had forgotten that my furnace came with a humidifier attachment that had to manually enabled. Walking around zapping the pets with static electricity fixed that so on Thursday night I turned it on and set it to an arbitrary '4' when normal is '5'. Pleased with myself I once again stopped thinking about it.

On Friday night the basement had a mustier than usual smell. This should have been my first clue that something was wrong but I ignored it because, well, it's the basement. Television on, set the boy up playing whatever he is playing, all good.

'Dad, there is a blue line on the screen!'

Well shit.

I had not taken into account, when I turned on the humidifier, that the added humidity would condense onto the cold air returns. The water then drained to the lowest cold air return in the house, which was in the basement, directly above the 4K television I had purchased less than six months ago.

By the time the television had been turned on almost everything was dry, the only evidence being a stain on a ceiling tile and water stains across the front of the screen. I was not happy. It is going to be taken care of, eventually, but I did not play anything on Friday or Saturday night. Last night, after wandering the house after dark for what seemed like an eternity, I moved the PS4 Pro to my old TV and played more of The Last Guardian.

It's still a shit game. Now it is a shit game with no HDR, so a dimmer shit game.

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