Friday, December 2, 2016

Slightly uncomfortable

I will talk about Dishonored 2 eventually. Right now where I am playing it, or what I am playing it on, is taking up more head space than the game itself. Multi-platform games running better on the PS4 than the Xbox One is not a new thing but the difference was, in my mind, negligible. Microsoft's consoles had been my primary gaming space since the oXbox so I just kept doing what I was doing, playing games that looked slightly inferior or that had a poorer frame rate.

PS4 was for exclusives and XBox One was for everything else, and I cannot deny that Microsoft introducing achievements before Sony's trophy system was up and running had a lot to do with it. The number itself is not as important as it is a list of everything that I have played all in one place, going back to my first achievement in Kameo. I like lists. This blog is oftentimes just a list. Adding to that list was part of playing the game.

The PS4 Pro has made that slight performance difference much more significant, so much so that, as a 4K television owner, I would be a fool to ignore it. So I did the 'right' thing and moved all of the multiplatform titles in my queue over. Dishonored 2 is the first game and it just doesn't feel right. As a creature of habit, as a person who lives in his routines, it feels wrong.

This is not about platform fanboyism or resolution based dick waving, this is about a grown ass man having a hard time with a simple change. It is splitting my precious list. Worse, I know that this same dilemma will return when the Scoprio comes out. What am I to do if I play Mass Effect Andromda on the PS4 Pro? I need to play all three games, and you know there will be there, on the same save.

Meaningless, meaningless. All of this is meaningless. It was this kind of resistance that brought about the glorious console wars. People clung to their electronics of choice not because what they had was better but because they were used to what they had and didn't want to change. I can appreciate that loyalty, even if it was misguided and blind.

Sega sucked. I was a Nintendo kid. Until the Dreamcast came out.

This is much less dramatic. I am in no way trying to evangelize. Play what you want where you want, I don't give a shit, unless you are a member of the PC master race. There is no excuse for the level of hubris. The last sentence was a joke. Probably.

So I am a stranger in a strange land playing Dishonored 2. High chaos run, here I come. And at the end of the evening, when I switch over to the Xbox One S for the YouTube app even though it works just as well on the PS4 Pro, know that I am no more crazy now then when I was young and refused to even touch a Genesis.

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