Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The song remains the same

Ugh, look at the Coming Soon list. It's just not fair. And what did I do on Friday and Saturday night instead of working on Dishonored 2? I watched as much of Capcom Cup as I could stay awake for, which is to say I missed the end of Friday and had to flog myself to stay awake for the grand finals on Saturday. It was worth it to see an all American grand finals.

You heard that right. For one glorious tournament the standard Asian domination was broken. I would have preferred to have Ricky Ortiz win over Nuckledu, she has been around longer than most, but Nuckledu was on the verge of suicide earlier this year and his sponsor helped him work through it, so that is almost as much of a feel good story.

The top prize was $230,000. Not bad for being good at a video game.


I have avoided talking about Dishonored 2 for several days because I am not sure how to react to it. Is the game good? Of course it is, the world building is exceptional, just like the first game, the combat is crisp and brutal, just like the first game, and the stealth is difficult and optional, just like the first game.

...just like the first game.

Dishonored 2 might as well be an up-port of the first game. I am doing the same things in the same dingy environments, just at a higher resolution. The story is the same, at least for me: Corvo versus the world. Playing stealthy in Dishonored didn't work for me, there were too many temptations to take the easy path and Corvo's powers were a better fit for that play style. That is still true, at least for Corvo. Why give me the power to stab a guy in the back of the head and have his body turn to dust if I am not supposed to use it?

The game is good, it's just not new. Iterative, nothing more, but it is still better than most other stealth games because it allows the lazy (like me) to forgo the stealth for a more brutal approach. I will say that the non lethal options for bosses are more interesting this time. For example, two nights ago I finished the clockwork mansion. I killed everything aggressive in it, every person, every clockwork soldier. Only the cook survived.

But I let the boss live because strapping him down and shocking the smarts out of him with an electric chair was more interesting than stabbing him in the back of the head. And more cruel. And my Corvo is a straight up bastard. He has seen his share of shit and is tired of the world so he stabs people and steals their copper wire and whale oil. High chaos indeed.

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