Monday, January 16, 2017

Just silly enough

I am not going to defend my childlike enthusiasm for the Switch from the internet based throngs of naysayers. They are all correct. And I stand by my hype because hype is not a logical thing. My disappointment will come later.


The Saint's Row series always slid just under my radar as it looked to me to be a slapstick take on GTA games and I, for the most part, have never liked avGTA game. That and the first Saint's Row was ass. It is apparent that my avoidance of the series is my loss as that dose of silliness is just what GTA needed.

What does this have to do with Watch_Dogs 2? Watch_Dogs was a pretty good game that took itself far, far too seriously. The protagonist was a pent up asshole, everything he did was dour, the hacking itself was in no way self aware. Watch_Dogs 2 fixes that by adding just a dash of Saint's Row. No giant weaponized phalluses, thankfully, but the game does acknowledge how ridiculous its central premise, that you can use a phone to do anything, is.

It also takes pot shots at giant, easy targets. So far that rich douchebag who bought the latest Wu Tang Clan album (Martin Shkreli - I got his name by doing a search for wu tang clan rich asshole) has been lampooned along with a blatant shot at Scientology. It's funny. The hackers are not a bunch of pale script kiddies hiding out in basement, they have personality and are willing to poke fun at themselves. The game is just lighter.

This does not mean that you can't forgo all stealth and just shoot your way through most scenarios, my default way of solving things, it just means that the violence is what feels out of place now. Trying to be sneaking feels better because it is what these characters would want to do.

I am just not that patient so my Marcus is a homicidal maniac. Your mileage may vary. The game is unwilling to tackle this disconnect in tone as the other hackers react the same way no matter how you accomplish a mission. I am not looking for a morality scale but them saying 'did you have to kill every mother fucker in the building' would be a nice touch.

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