Friday, January 27, 2017

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I am not going to talk about Mafia III yet as I would like to pretend for a few more days that I am enjoying it as much as Watch Dogs 2 (I'm not, don't tell). Instead I will tell a story about how susceptible I am to techno babble and internet lists.

Digital Foundry put out quite a bit of content, a fair amount of which goes right over my head. That is what being a console luddite will do to you. When they do talk of consoles and frame rates the PS4 and by extension the PS4 Pro always come out on top, performance wise. The difference is not always huge, in fact it is sometime imperceptible, but it was a part of my decision to desert my poor Xbox One S and its turgid epeen of gamerscore.

Mark my words, I shall return when the Scorpio arrives. The PS4 controller hurts my hands.

Last week they did a list of games that run at true 4K 60FPS on the PS4 Pro. Sweet, I always require validation from strangers! A few on the list I already had: Thumper (which is bad) and Rez (which is better than sex). There were several sports games that I was not interested in and then there was Neon Chrome, which appeared to me to be a brightly colored sparsely textured twin stick shooter. Good bye $15, you could have been a trip and half to Qdoba. Oh well.

What was left out of Digital Foundry's piece, and a bit of information that I would have liked, is that Neon Chrome is a twin stick rogue like shooter. Whoops. After my initial shock and disgust I found it was closer to Rouge Legacy than anything else. I liked Rogue Legacy, so this should be good, right?

It is good but it is also very hard. The second boss has killed me twice, once more than I find acceptable. The game will fill time deemed too short to play anything else, meaning that I will probably never finish it, but I don't hate it. Much.

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