Thursday, January 26, 2017

Too muddy for me

I went on record, both here and on the podcast, that I thoroughly enjoyed Call of Duty Infinite Warfare. It was far more than it needed to be. The last several games in the series were roller coasters in isolation and Infinite Warfare was the full Disney experience. The line was fun, the ride was great and even the exit was well designed.

Battlefield 1 is missing all of the touchy feely extras that made Infinite Warfare so good. Instead of sticking with on cast in jumps between time, location and characters at the start of each mission. The player doesn't know any of them long enough to care about them living or dying and, being set in World War I, there is plenty of that.

The games goes to great pains detailing the horrors of trench warfare. War has never looked so bleak, so terrifying. No man's land is indeed a fire laced muddy hell. It does this so well for four of the five chapters that it becomes almost depressing to play. Setting Infinite Warfare in space added some levity to all of the death in the same way that Star Wars is more palatable than Saving Private Ryan. It's not that less people die in Star Wars, it is that the event is more fanciful, almost sanitized.

Perhaps that is the point of Battlefield, that war cannot be sanitized. If so, well done, but that does not make it a game that is fun to play. Just as I had about had enough the game opens up, adds some color, and puts the player in the shoes of a bedouin fighter working with Lawrence of Arabia. Muddy trenches are replaced with beautiful dunes. Corridor running replaced with large, open areas that support multiple approaches, and I was left wanting a whole game of the last chapter.

Lawrence of Arabia, the game. I would play it, games have been made about worse people.

I must emphasize that these reactions are, just like Infinite Warfare, based completely on the single player campaign. The thought of playing multiplayer never entered my head, something that is at least partially explained in the bitchy section of this weeks podcast.


Remember those shit hot Mafia III trailers? Those are the best parts of the game. Coming off of Watch Dogs 2, this is going to be a chore.

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  1. You aren't missing anything by not playing the multiplayer in Call of Duty - It takes away from the rest of the game in my opinion and just gets repetitive and boring very quickly.