Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Call in the hit

It is time to declare Mafia III a true tragedy. Every moment that I was not playing the game, or even shooting my way through some very well done scripted encounters was at worst passable or at best, when watching cut scenes, marvelous. The game pulls off three different, interesting endings. Usually a game with multiple resolutions has one good one and a few joke endings (see the Silent Hill dog endings) or they are all equally bad (insert cheap shot at Mass Effect 3 here). Mafia III? All good.

One of them is truly depressing, but that comes with the territory. I ended up with the most positive of the three because I am a good gangster/mass murderer who was only in it for the revenge and not to take over a significant portion of the county.

If the game weren't so boring and repetitive when the player is dropped into the open world it would be an easy recommendation. I said yesterday that each ward looks distinct, and they do, but what you are doing in each one is exactly the same. Everything leading up to the boss of each area is identical. Trim all of that out and the game goes from a highly padded 40+ hours to a svelte 15ish.

Fix the shooting and, well, it ends up being a below average Max Payne game (insert cheap shot at Max Payne 3 here).

Mafia III could have been good, almost great. It could have been a contender, Instead it is the ideal lets play: watch the good parts while someone else does the dirty work. Tune into this week's podcast and I will spoil the shit out of the three endings.


Resident Evil VII is the remake of Resident Evil 3 that no one knew they wanted. It is not just Outlast or Amnesia with weapons, it is Resident Evil, through and through, from a different perspective. I have only put about an hour and a half in, but so far it is wonderful. Not scary, just creepy, and a welcome reboot to the series.

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