Friday, February 17, 2017

Entry postponed due to install

I wanted to start Final Fantasy XV last night, even planned ahead by putting the disc in the night before and waiting for the giant ass patch to start downloading before putting the PS4 into sleep mode. When I turned it back on last night I found the patch download frozen and the install was still copying something. When that was done the download started over from the beginning.

Out of frustration I fired up Providence Poker and managed to quadruple my buy in before the download finished (this does not usually happen). Download complete, open up Final Fantasy XV, main menu says that the install was still going and that it would take another hour. This install only started after the game was opened for the first time.

Fuck that noise. I went back to poker and lost a quarter of my previous winnings. Barring any more surprise installs I will start Final Fantasy XV tonight. It is on fixed time frame of 13 days.

At around three hours a night that is only 39 hours. It is not going to happen.

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