Monday, February 6, 2017

I am trying to be nice

I have been quite hard on Mafia III, and it deserves all of the abuse I have thrown its way, but I do need to acknowledge at least a few things that it does well.

Well, one thing really. The city is not that large and a good third of it is taken up by a rather plain looking bayou. After throwing a corpse to an alligator there was little else there to do. The other city areas, though, are visually distinct in a way that not even Watch Dogs 2 managed. Watch Dogs 2 looked better, of course, but that high fidelity was uniform. Everything looked awesome and shiny. Even the low income housing areas of Oakland were a little too clean and sharp to be believable.

The Hollow in Mafia III looks and feels like a economically depressed area. The houses are close together, no one's siding is in good shape, the cars are old and rusty. The French Ward looks like the French Quarter in New Orleans, right down to the alleys just off the main drag that smell of urine and poor decisions. And the wealthy areas? They certainly looked the part, but more importantly, I did not feel welcome there.

Lincoln is, without a doubt, a bad motherfucker, but that does not keep the entitled rich folk in the nicer areas from asking him why is was there and calling the police just because, and this was before I started tromping through back yards, stealing cars. Police arrive quickly in the wealthy areas of town, and in large numbers. In the Hollow? They might show up.

Even the dispatcher sounds different: 'Possible stolen car in the hollow. If anyone has time, you may want to check it out' versus 'Report of armed and dangerous colored man, all units respond.'

Being the worst collection of things the world has to offer, a middle class middle aged white guy, I have never experienced real discrimination based on how I look. I am not so naive to think that a video game can convey that feeling, but every time some white trash yokel calls me 'boy' I what to gut that motherfucker, and that is after only 40 hours of playing a game. I cannot imagine dealing with that every day for an entire life.

The mission in which Lincoln gets to kill klan members the Southern Union was wonderful. If we ever get tired of killing Nazis I know where to look next for a disposable bad guy.

So there, something nice about Mafia III. Back to how bad the game itself is tomorrow.

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