Tuesday, February 21, 2017

I hate waiting

It is a little annoying that, for as much time is spent in the car in Final Fantasy XV, it is no fun to drive. Drive isn't even the correct word. Under manual control the player points the car in the correct direction and holds down the accelerator. There is a button for stopping and a button for turning the car around. Annoying but forgivable: the game took forever to get out, adding in a reasonable driving experience would add another forever, if not two.

Auto-driving is fine as there are parking areas scattered around the map that can be fast traveled to for a trivial fee (one they are reached, further proof that Watch Dogs 2 is a better game than anyone expected or admits). Fast traveling, however, brings up loading screens. Lots of loading screens. Loading screens that take far too long to go away.

This is especially an issue when working on side missions. They are relatively far apart and quick to complete, meaning that just as much time is spent looking at loading screens as is spent playing the game.

I may be exaggerating. Slightly. It's no Soldier of Fortune on Dreamcast, a game whose load times allowed to re-read all of Knightfall, but it does break things up.

The Soldier of Fortune crack was not an exaggeration. I played this damn game.

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