Tuesday, February 14, 2017

New good guy, please

Playing Dead Rising 4 right after Resident Evil VII was a mistake. They aren't in the same genre, one being a spooky first person adventure and the other a Ubi-like collectathon whose moment to moment gameplay is marred, not enhanced, by the presence of zombies, but they both feel like Capcom. Two games in a row is a lot of Capcom to swallow.

And no, the ability to put on a Blanka mask in Dead Rising and shoot electricity does not get any bonus points from me.

Dead Rising 4 is almost the same as Dead Rising 3, just with a change in main character. I do not remember the third game's protagonist but I do know that I did not dislike him. Frank West is back this time around and the game goes out of its way to portray his as an ass hat. Everything he does is selfish. Any good that he does do is just a side effect of something else. He even admits this:

'Are you going to save so and so?'
'Maybe. Probably. But it won't be on purpose.'

That so and so was eventually save but Frank left him tied to a chair. There is cheap shot at the escort missions in the first game in which Frank refuses to give injured survivors a ride even though he is going to drive right past where they are going. He is a dick and I do not like him which is going to make it difficult to spend significant time in his shoes.

And the game? It is exactly the same as 3.

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