Friday, March 31, 2017

Blind spot

Three days in and Berseria is a Tales game through and through. I believe that is shares the same universe as the last game (Vesperia?) but there have been no direct references so far. Aside from Velvet's abhorrent fashion the game is pretty good.

It is difficult for me to be unbiased when talking about JRPGs. I have been living with their inherent failings for so long that they seem like bonuses. For example, in the first five hours I backtracked across the same area no less than three times. No worries, I thought, I will kill all the enemies again and farm for items. In any other game that much backtracking would drive me insane.

I have no excuse for this. Even Final Fantasy XV, a game that was without a doubt not very good, landed at least partially in my critical blind spot. I can admit that Berseria does not look especially impressive, and while it runs smoothly it is not visually dense so it should run well on the system capably of putting out games like Horizon.

Berseria is very dark for a tales game. Velvet and her motley crew are the bad guys. Velvet herself is a demon who devours other demons. She was not always this way, if fact she was transformed during the sacrifice of her brother to the planet itself. Think Cabin in the Woods but with less gore. She was betrayed, her brother murdered by the same man who murdered her older sister and then dumped in a deep, dark hole for three years.

So yeah, she is pissed off all the time and blatantly uses people to move towards her goal. When called out on this by another demon in her party she shrugs her shoulders and then burn down an entire fucking town while stealing a boat. Tragic bad ass? Perhaps, I just hope the character goes somewhere besides 'I WILL KILL THIS GUY GET OUT OF MY WAY BEFORE I KILL YOU, TOO.'

Of course this was the town whose residents kept asking her if she was cold. It is snowing outside and Velvet is walking around like a stygian lingerie model. There is an explanation in game: she's a demon, she doesn't get cold. For fuck's sake, give her a shirt. That much underboob is just not okay.

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