Friday, March 10, 2017

I didn't want to grow up

I have run into two significant problems with the Switch and Breath of the Wild.

First, regarding the Switch itself, I am unable to use it in its portable form thanks to how the right joycon fits in my hand. It does not matter if it is attached to the Switch, in free form relax mode or plugged into the dog face controller, my thumb just doesn't work that way. Evidence, you say? Behold, photographic proof!

This hurts and it is difficult to get back to the buttons to, you know, attack.

This doesn't hurt but the analog stick being under the knuckles offers little in the way of range of motion or accuracy.

My only real choice for playing on the go (read: slacking off at work) would be to bring the pro controller along. This defeats the entire purpose of the system being portable. It may be less of an issue for game that do not use the right analog stick as much as Breath of the Wild does, like Shovel Knight, but my wallet has not recovered enough to support any further purchases yet,

Speaking of Breath of the Wild...

I find the game more fun to think about playing than it is to actually play. Right now I know that when I get started again I need to fast travel back to a town and purchase some warmer armor, then check the with fairy queen to see if it can be upgraded, then go back into the desert and take on the second mythical beast. I also know that I need to do some hunting because I am almost out of food and that I need to figure out how to make a flame resistance elixir so poor link is no immolated upon his approach to the volcano.

None of this sounds terrible but once I get started I know that it will quickly descend into tedium. Almost all of that is just prep work to allow me to do what I want to do: fight the second mythical beast. The elixir bit is also just to prepare for the approach to the next beast. I spend much more time preparing than doing in this game. Maybe that is the point, that the player is forced to deal with all aspects of the adventure, not just the exciting parts, but I cannot help but get bored when I am harvesting mushrooms or killing wild hogs instead of doing something new.

The balance between surviving and having fun are off. I know that I am in a god damn desert at the moment but that doesn't excuse tedium. Maybe I am just too old for this shit.

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