Wednesday, March 1, 2017

It is done

I finished Final Fantasy XV in just under 35 hours. Based on an informal poll that was pretty damn quick, but I was at the same or better level than most when they gone on the boat to the end game. How, you ask? Either I am quite the efficient gamer (which I am) or I touched the fishing minigame once and then dropped it like it was hot.

There was one good boss fight. One. It was the second to last fight in the game, a multi-stage battle with Ifrit. Scale had already been used several times to make an enemy intimidating. It worked right up to the point where the camera didn't know what to do with itself. There is only so long that I can stare at a behemoth's armpit before I get annoyed. The Ifrit fight managed to keep everything visible. This is not to say that it was interesting or challenging, none of the combat in the game managed that, but at least it looked good and was exciting.

I cannot explain this game's 80 on metacritic. Numbers are not an exact way to codify opinions but my internal number is rarely this far off of the mean. I do have a theory: most of the game's flaws are not readily apparent until after twenty or so hours, some waiting until the final sections to reveal themselves. How many of these professional reviewers, men and women who are paid for their opinions but have strict deadlines to meet, actually played the whole thing? How many were wowed by the best looking game in the series finally coming out after so many years and working, more or less?

This is baseless supposition but it makes me feel a little better about calling Final Fantasy XV the Resident Evil 6 of Final Fantasies.

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