Tuesday, March 14, 2017

What is fun changes

Sorry for no post yesterday - mid March snowstorm means all I did was drive to work, fight to get caught up, then go home early and snowblow the driveway. Fourteen inches of lake effect snow is not a good time.


I almost threw in towel on Breath of the Wild on Friday night. The only thing that saved me was that I had heard somewhere that the camel divine creature (I have no idea what the thing's actual name is) is the worst/most difficult of the four. It took me an hour of fucking around, not trial and error or educated guesses, just fucking around, to get it done and my reward was a boss that belonged in a From Software game.

The whole purpose of obtaining a Switch and playing the new Zelda was to recapture some of the wonder of playing games as a child. I still remember wandering around in the first Zelda, attempting to burn every bush and blow up every rock, looking for heart containers or rupies. That kind of brute force experimentation was a good time when I was a kid and nothing else to do. Now, though, it just gets on my nerves.

While I am not ready to call the camel divine beast a poorly designed dungeon I will say that it is more obtuse than it needs to be. The inside of the camel is divided into three rings, each of which can be rotated individually. Getting them into the correct positions opens up doors but there is also an electrical conduit running down the bottom that will not work if all of the pieces are not lined up. On top of that there is a vicious red herring that takes Link down the beast's throat from the inside and leads to nothing but a chest and disappointment.

That level drained me so much that I was ready to put Breath of the Wild aside and play the next game on the pile with all intentions of coming back to it (which would never actually happen). After Gravity Rush 2 is the new Tales game and after that is Yakuzo 0 and maybe then I would get back to Zelda. Those missing weeks would make me forget everything I had learned about the game and it would be more frustrating than ever so I sucked it up and pressed on.

It got better.

I still hate weapon deterioration and I still think that most enemies do about twice as much damage as they should but when I am making progress instead of just fucking around the game is fun. Last night I finished the third beast and found the master sword. I can't actually pick up the sword yet but at least I know where it is and there are a few side quests to do.

This is, without a doubt, a symptom of getting older. I am no longer satisfied when spinning my wheels. If progress is not being made towards a goal, usually finishing the game, then I am not enjoying myself. In non-game related terms, I am too old to fuck around. There is too much to get done and roughly half of my life is already behind me.


Remember to thank God for Jim Sterling and that beautiful 7/10. If you get his site to load. God damnit Jim, if I throw money at your patreon will you get better web hosting? Please?

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